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Making of the Chess Figurines

The sculptor

Each figurine is made by award-winning sculptor Shawn Slother. Shawn has worked for a variety of clients such as the Smithsonian Institute or the Martin Luther King Jr Foundation.  He has done sculpts for the Musical Production “Les Miserables” in London, worked for film-studios like Warner Bros. or Disney and created awards for sport and social events.

The process

Each figurine starts out from a “lump” of wax, that gets roughly shaped to proportion and into a simple look-alike of  the original, adding the first details:

making of - shaping


Once the figurine is brought into shape, as the next step details get added on and every piece goes through revisions to not forget even the smallest details on the figurine:

making of - details

When the figurine is approved, a silicon mold is made in order to cast the production master:

making of - mold

As the final touch the figurine will be hand painted. It highlights creases and recesses which adds age and a 3-d quality to the figurine.

making of - painting

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