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Below we have put together the chess set appearances in the news and on the radio.  If you missed those have a look!  We´ll continue posting more stories about the chess set  that we hope you will enjoy.


Published on 17/07/2016

We are featured on the Oxford Today with an article on our chess set. We would like to thank Oxford Today and Alison Boulton for the pleasant interview and a great article:

Oxford and Cambridge’s long rivalry is immortalised in chess

A new chess set, celebrating the longstanding rivalry between Cambridge and Oxford, has been launched….

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Broadcasted on 05/07/2015
Radio interview on “Will Gompertz” with Susie Dent

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Published on 17/06/2015
Cambridge and Oxford do battle once more- on Cambridge’s designers new Oxbridge chess set

Cambridge has been doing battle with its oldest foe for hundreds of years, but the UK’s oldest academic rivalry could soon open up on a new front.
As well as the Boat Race on the Thames, the ongoing contest for the most Nobel Prizes and the intellectual slug-fest of University Challenge, the contest could soon spill on to the chessboard…..

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Broadcasted on 16/06/2015
Radio interview on “David Prever at Drivetime”

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Published on 28/04/2015
The Red Queen becomes the White Queen

A new chess set has been designed based on the friendly rivalry between Oxford and Cambridge. College foundress Lady Margaret Beaufort has been chosen to represent the White Queen for the Cambridge side.
Lady Margaret Beaufort, foundress of St John’s College and mother of King Henry VII, never became Queen in her lifetime. Now, 506 years after her death, she has: in chess form, at least…..

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