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Welcome to the Oxbridge Chess Set

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Welcome to the Cambridge vs Oxford Chess Set

Stunning architecture, beautiful gardens, and two of the most renowned universities in the world set the scene for this bespoke chess set. The playing pieces were modelled on prominent figures and landmarks from each city by an award-winning sculptor, and designed as a set for elegant presentation and play.

The design process and original sculpting of the playing pieces spanned more than three years. We now have a full prototype and master moulds with which we can produce high quality handmade sets.
The figurines will be cast in heavy resin and are hand painted. The king is approximately 70 mm high, the pawn about 58 mm. The base diameter is 28 mm.

We have recently announced that we have placed an order for the first production of sets, and they will be ready before Christmas. If you are interested in getting a set, please sign up for updates (in the right hand column) and we´ll keep you posted when the sets are available to order on our website.


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